Friday, June 26, 2009

Reasonably Good Girls Who Show Cleavage

I dedicate this post to my coworker Erica who sits in the cubicle in front of mine.

They say that one of the problems with the Republican party is its members' gentility which sounds like it should be a good thing. But I think it can also be described as the so-called "country club mentality" which sounds like there might be some bad things about that.

I see from the dictionary why gentility, which makes me think of a courteous person, can be viewed as a bad thing. In Merriam-Webster the worst definition of gentility states this, "superior social status or prestige evidenced by manners, possessions, or mode of life."

In my experiences being a guest at a country club, I am always treated with courtesy and respect by the staff. The surroundings are beautiful, the members are reasonably friendly, and the food is delicious. My favorite thing is what I call "country club coffee." I think it is really just plain old brewed coffee, so it must be that little pitcher of real cream that is always on the table.
But by definition and reality a country club is for members and guests only, so it is a place of exclusion.

So by doing the math, gentility plus country club mentality equals "bad." You know that I am not blogging hate about Republicans. I have told you that I am one of them, but I also am trying to express a new Republican mentality. If Republicans want to go forward in today's world, we cannot continue to be (excuse my French) inaccessible, exclusionary snobs. We also can't let the good part of our gentility prevent us from speaking out when we see things that are not right and that might offend. We Republicans need to let down our guard a little and accept that we are humans who make bad choices and go crazy just the same as any other human on this planet. We Republicans also need to stop being so uber-moral that we can't express who we really are.

That leads me back to the title of this blog. I recently attended a political fund-raiser for a Republican member of the House whom I admire and support. At the party, there were woman of all ages. I realized that I was the ONLY WOMAN there who was showing any cleavage. When I turned 4o, my New Year's resolution was to show more cleavage. I decided that cleavage, with the help of Victoria, was the only thing on a woman that never aged badly. I also decided that showing it did not mean I was a loose woman. Cleavage, or shall I genteelly call it d├ęcolletage, is a thing of beauty not just raw sexuality, so why should I hide it? If seeing it makes men goofy, that is their problem. When I see a man in a beautiful pin-striped suit and tie, I get goofy too.

So I shared my story with my coworker Erica who claimed she had no cleavage. I reiterated that Victoria's real secret is that with the right bra, ANY WOMAN can have cleavage. Erica came to see me a couple days later and told me that she took my recommendations and found what she needed so she could show her cleavage at an up coming party. I shook her hand. I will miss her when she leaves to take a new job next week.

In conclusion, I am a reasonably good woman. I am a Republican woman, and I show my beautiful cleavage. I encourage all women to do the same.

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