Saturday, June 13, 2009

Americans with Paychecks, Unite!

Now that it is pretty clear to all of us what "change" meant, some of you have buyer's remorse and some of us are wondering why you bought it in the first place. I understood "change" well in advance from the right wing editorials that I regularly read and from my general knowledge that Democrats typically raise taxes to generate more money to pay for big government. When I could not convince my Obama-voting friends about my fears of massive income redistribution; yes, I am calling "change" by its real name, I tried to appeal to them this way, "Why would you vote for change, in general people hate change." But alas.

I have made it clear in my blog that I want President Obama elected out of office in four years. I am also betting that more of you than you thought before also want him out. It all started with the massive stimulus plans. I will grant you that my favorite president, George W. Bush, initiated one of those before he left office. My unyielding devotion to George W. Bush rationalized that as pandering to the people. He had to become what he hated to try and help his party. Anyway I have talked to many supporters of President Obama's brilliant economic plans. My only response is, "Printing money and borrowing from China is brilliance? That is Econ 101, and hey, somebody has to pay that money back." And hey again, guess who that payer-backer is? Primarily it is Americans with paychecks.

Then President Obama's next move was to slip us a little extra into our paychecks back in April or so. Ladies and Gentlemen, we all know that extra was our own money. I promptly filled out the form to return it to the federal government and handed it to payroll. The woman who took my form said she did the same thing. I have been joking with friends after my personal property taxes on my car and some lingering medical bills from last year came due saying, "What was I thinking when I gave that money back?" Even so, I tell them that I gave it back so that I would still have it when President Obama comes to re-collect it in January 2010.

Americans with paychecks are a very diverse group. We are men and women. We are young and not so young. We are gay and straight. We are Democrats and Republicans. We are African-American and Caucasian and Hispanic and Asian and Christian and Jewish and Muslim. We are blue collar and we are white collar. We are supporting the needs of our families. We are willing to pay for governmental services that support us all, such as for schools and roads and necessary services. But bottom line: WE ALL WORK HARD for our paychecks, and there should be NO QUESTION that we get to keep as much of our paychecks as possible.

So this is my call for all Americans with paychecks to unite to elect our next president. Whom should he or she be? For one thing, it should now be clear whom it should not be.

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